Friday, January 09, 2009

Fear 2 Stop - Spirallin' Down

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Here is an impossible task if I ever heard one. 'Take a listen to this', chortles Billy Castillo (one third of Fear 2 Stop), as he put this track on my review list, 'and try figuring out who did what' he finished. Oh right, I thought, better get right to it then because it's probably going to take me a long, long, long time to get there - if ever. The simple fact is I'm still trying to work out what kind of music they make - and this after five years of constant F2S tracks - let alone try to figure out who does what. I know, however, what their music does to me, and to some of you too apparently. Listening and/or liking Fear 2 Stop revolves are two key emotions; frustration and/or bafflement (because they got their own ideas and pursue them religeously) or insane euphoria (because they got it just right)

One of Soundclicks most challenging bands then? You bet.

Listen, anyone who proudly proclaims themselves to be a 'bizarre experimental electronica' band would have most people running for the hills in an instant. Not this intrepid (Ed: or stupid) reviewer though because I am made of sterner stuff (Ed: or as deaf as a post). Actually, over the years I have found a very on-off liking for what this Houston TX based trio do, and mostly I can find things to like about their work in general. Admittedly I am not that big a fan of analog sounds, yes I know it's considered retro and cool but I couldn't give a f*** about that, and the only band who make it work for me are, surprisingly enough, Fear 2 Stop.

Hand on my heart, I can't say I was eager to hear this latest track, although their work as a consistent feel these days I don't think they have delivered anything really substantial for a while. In my mispent youth I loved a band called Soft Machine who were considered REALLY out there at the time (1966-1971 or so). These days that band are considered to be true innovators and damn me if they weren't the first thing that popped into my mind while listening to Spiralin' Down. Its exactly the kind of sound I associate with their early work (is that a B3 or 4 for example?) so its a given that I would like this. Not so sure whether the more faint hearted amongst us would agree but for a long time fan like me, this is a meatier morsel than any Fear 2 Stop track for a while and a welcome addition to my growing F2S folder.

Highly Recommended 'bizarre experimental electronica' and MUST HAVE for F2S fans.

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