Sunday, January 25, 2009

CollabCity - Paw Paw Dog

Hear The Track Here

I know I am cutting it way fine when I talk about collabs being a kinda/sorta supergroup thing but here's another - this time from POPspace. Regular readers will already know Tony Mazza from his excellent work with Waiting For Helen, a band I have reviewed a time or two with some special results. David C Deal is another POPspace musician I have a lot of time for although many of you will know him better through his songdoc forum nickname; an excellent songwriter and singer. Last but by no means least is Joel Van Winkle who I have probably heard before in another guise but I'm blanking here when I try and dig it out.

Although it's billed as Indie, Paw Paw Dog is the purest rock you are ever likely to hear, with that slight retro feel that permeates a lot of internet rock right now. Have to admit that the first time I heard this I was driving and this is one track you really don't want to be doing that with. Before you could say 'accelerator' I was clocking 190 in a 30 mile zone and that is when I got busted for speeding, or rather I would have been but there isn't a cop car around that can beat my 190mph Morris Minor. Paw Paw Dog offers a lot more than yer average rockout though, and that is the main reason it transferred to my hard drive with almost as much speed.

Of late I have been exploring the German heavy metal scene and bands such as Rammstein of which the vocals in Paw Paw Dog most resemble. Personally I love that gruff, voice-in-my-boots vocal sound provided it is carried off properly and whoever is supplying the vocals on this track gets a big thumbs up from me. Rock it is though, when all is said and done but that retro feel and an arrangement that gets more complex the more you hear it make this exactly the kind of rock track I love and cherish. Funny really because I didn't expect it from this quarter although given some of the collaborators past history I should have known better.

Retro tinged classic rock. MUST HAVE.

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