Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's I.K.E. - It's Bigger Than Me

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Man, that's a lot of dots, so lets just say IKE OK? In case you are wondering where you have seen this acronym before (especially if you are a Soundclick regular), Iron Klad Entertainment is yet another face of one Corey Banks (aka Corey Drumz). I have reviewed numerous Corey Drumz tracks over the past year or so, including at least one Must Have and considering we are discussing out and out urban hiphop a Must Have is something to cherish. It's Bigger Than Me is produced by someone called Kajmir Royale so I'm not wiser anyway but hey if he supplied the music and beats then it sure works for me.

A tad more commercial this time for Mr Banks, and I don't say that as a bad thing, just what it is. It's Bigger Than Me is also one of those slowish numbers that is rife in the genre lately and - I admit - not one of my favourite parts of the genre. Sure the music and beats work but even so I can't help noticing a certain drag in the track. Now maybe that's just me and my own antipathy towards this style but I did feel - after a few plays - that the whole thing could have been pepped up enormously by adding more percussive elements. Yeah, yeah, I know bare bones is one of the features of the style but sometimes bare bones just isn't enough, ya know what I mean.

Quite why this track has a Parental Advisory attached to it, I have yet to figure out. Yeah there are a couple of cusswords in it but it's only to give flavour to the excellent and worthwhile rap about where hiphop came from and what it meant at the beginning. Surely its something that needs to be said again and again because IMHO the current state of hiphop is lamentable to say the least - well commercial hiphop anyway. Here on the net, and down with all the other unsigned moles, the genre is alive and kicking partly helped by artists like Corey Drumz. Hean on heart, couldn't swear that this is one of Corey's better musical efforts but the rap and sentiments are more than worthwhile. Definitely worth a listen, especially if you feel despairing of the commercial pap being foisted on us by music business 'record' companies (Ed: what are those?).

Recommended Hiphop with A Message.

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