Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cam's Even Song - Orion Station

Hear The Track Here

From Canadian Cameron Pierce to Canadian Cameron Bastedo (aka Cam's Even Song), how eerie is that? Wooooheeewoooo ni nar ni nar (Ed: eh?) In case you haven't heard, Cam's Even Song have a brand new album out - Indie-scribable - of which Orion Station is apparently the final part. Considering I have reviewed pretty much Cam's entire catalog I am sure I am the proud possessor of many of the other tracks that make up the album, and if not why not? Yer, that's telling them. Cam's Even Song have come in for lavish praise from me and even an Artist Of The Year 2006 award and listening to ANY track out of the 216 listed on his Soundclick page will support my contention that Cam's Even Song is fresh, innovative and very, very distinctive.

'Orion Station is a track that I originally recorded over a year ago and stuck in the trash' Cam informs me but was resurrected and 'refurbished' and that 'It's odd, that's for sure'. Righty-o guv, sez I as if I hadn't heard 'odd' from this very idiosyncratic musician before, why I laugh in its face! Orion Station soon wiped that off mind, because when Cam says odd this time he means O-D-D. Far and away, the strangest, most convoluted track I have ever heard from this artist and probably a sure sign that he is gloriously, effortlessly and skillfully losing all his marbles. Funnily enough, it makes for a very, very intruiging track and one it will take a while to pick all the bones out of.

As you can imagine from the song title, Orion Station is a bit spacey, as well as being really out there. The intro introduces you to the basic system you are plasma sailing through, before Cam arrives with his usual aplomb and plonks down a verse of bluesy lines and then wanders off back into the ether. This bluesly refrain informs the bulk of the track and works extremely well to counterpoint the wilder off planet images being generated by massed electronica. It sounds weird, chaotic and disjointed but that all seems to add to its charm and - for my money - the last verse is pure Cam's Even Song at its very, very best. What you come away with is a sense of wistfullness for lost horizons and and an irritating tune you just can't seem to get out of your head. Which, when you think about it, is about what I always seem to get with this artist.

MUST HAVE Camweirdery.

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