Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cameron Pierce - The End of the Galaxy (If My Baby is Out There)

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For as long as I have been on Soundclick, Canadian singer/songwriter has been making my ears twitch with his bright, breezy pop rock groove - a classic sound that will never go out of style. It was a bit of a surprise then that Young Lost and Lovely (July 2008) signalled a marked departure from the strawberry fields he wandered through before. For a start it was pure out and out electronica and this from an avowed pop/rock artist, secondly it featured Cameron's vocals in an astonishing new way. Of course, if this was the first Cameron track you ever heard it wouldn't mean nothing but for people who have years of this artists output on their hard drives, this was a major step away from what he had been doing. Still managed to snag a must have from me though, so that should tell you my opinion.

The thing that struck me is the The End Of The Galaxy isn't as radical (for this artist anyway) as Young Lost and Lovely but it still is much, more more than we've heard from this artist; a much fuller, richer sound that shows his increasng confidence in couching his music in other instrumentation than yer average guitar, drums and bass line-up the bulk of his work has comprised of so far. Personally, I have to say that I really like this new improved version very much although I have to say that wasn't my first impression.

Uh Oh.

You know when some people smile, your automatic response is too think 'surely that many teeth couldn't fit into a normal mouth'? Well, that's what I though instantly about this track. Not about teeth, of course, that would be insane (Ed: and....?) but the sheer amount of things going on. Mind you, after a couple of listens the sheer quality of the song and its ridiculously good hooks won me over yet again. I have to admit here, and boy am I going to suffer for this, that there are one or two (no more than that mind...) Coldplay tracks that I actually like. Moreover, this could be one of them. Cameron has obviously taken some influence from the current crop because this just shrieks commerciality, as well as a classic example of what Cameron Pierce does best; write a classic song. Not everything is puffick though, I thought that the piano was a tad too loud in the mix but with song as good as this, who cares?

Highly Recommended Alternative

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