Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Peach Tree - The Colour Of Your Eyes

Hear The Track Here

Like a lot of artists that are just starting out, I guess Melbourne, Australia based The Peach Tree, found that being ground up amongst his peers not a particularly pleasant experience. I myself gave him a very hard time with the first few tracks and, I think even he would be willing to admit, with some justification. Certainly he has cleaned up his act considerably from those early faltering attempts so that we are now at the point where I can at least listen to his music without wincing. (Ed: Harsh, Gilmore, harsh). I've already reviewed one of the tracks from The Gus Sessions, the album that The Colour Of Your Eyes is taken from. A Change Of Perception (October 2008) was the first ever Peach Tree track to get a highly recommended from me so that bodes well for this next track.

Doesn't it? (Ed: not necessarily...)

Personally I think that those early tracks gave me an erroneous picture of this musician and that's probably because they were Experimental electronica and as we know, this is a genre that can hide countless horrors. Since then, I am glad to say, Peach Tree ( a one man show btw) has become MUCH more discerning both in what he releases and what he uses to make his music. Like a lot of people, when stymied by music, he went back to the basics and IMO hasn't made a mis-step yet. Much more to the point, despite its apparent roughness of sound and the oddly muffled vocals, The Colour of Your Eyes strikes me as being a very encouraging sign for this artist and certainly his strongest track yet.

As regular readers will know, my Artist Of The Year 2008 - one Thomas J (aka The Antennaheadz) - tried this trick and just look at what its done for him. I mention the Antennaheadz specifically because this track reminds me strongly of what Thomas J is about these days. What it all comes down to, when all is said and done, is a song. It's either a good song, or a bad song and in the case of The Colour Of Your Ears its a surprisingly good song. Sure, it being well lo-fi you could be tempted into making the usual comparisons (early Pink Floyd, acoustic artists such as Johnathon Richman) but there is a lot more going on here than that. There is a dark underlining to this track that - for my money - makes it work; that and the clever arrangement and sparse accompaniment. Yep, excellent track.

Off the wall, but well worth a listen. Highly Recommended.

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