Thursday, January 29, 2009

Prospect Music - Tears Of The Moon

Hear The Track Here

Or Prospect, as this Illinois based Trance artist corrected me when I reviewed Aquatopia (December 2008). As you may know, trance is yet another one of those problem musical areas for this reviewer, but Prospect managed to slide by with that track and even got a highly recommended from me. Bit of a miracle actually because the amount of trance tracks I have time for could be counted extremely quickly. I put this bias down to a massive over-indulgence when this genre was current and an even more extended time when I moderated a well known trance/techno site early on this century. Seriously, although I like the energy of trance, it isn't the most flexible of genres and that counts for a lot in my world. If I am going to listen to something that stretches out like a lazy cat (ie more than say three minutes long) I am going to want lots of different scene changes and trance just doesn't do that.

When I first noticed that Tears Of The Moon was some eight and a half minutes long, my face sagged under the floorboards because I knew that this would be some fairly massive undertaking - and so it proved to be. One of the things I liked about Aquatopia was the fact that it was interesting enough to take you through six minutes without too much heartache but I'm afraid I can't say the same about Tears Of The Moon and it runs for an additional two minutes more than Aquatopia. Its built around a couple of piano and/or plucked refrains that certainly work well enough the first time around but pale massively once listened to more than a few times - a common problem with tracks of this type.

Obviously, though, this is not meant for some lard ass like me to pontificate about while sitting in my easy chair - dance is the reason for its existence. Welp, I have an outstanding system that I use to check out so called 'dance tracks' and Tears Of The Moon definitely ticks all the right boxes, more especially if you were off your face at the time. As something merely to listen to as you pass through your day, I think that only fans of the genre would really enjoy it cluttering up their MP3 player, although it does function well while driving/walking/running/skating or any other ambulatory recreation, which I suppose is certainly something in its favour. On a more positive note, it does show that Prospect knows what he is about and there are many people who DO love this genre so I guess one cranky old fart here or there won't make difference to this tracks success.

Very competent trance. Recommended.

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