Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Patrick Lew's Band - Never A Second Chance Demo

Hear The Track Here

If there was an award for Most Abused Artist of the Year, it would have to go, overwhelmingly, to one Patrick Lew. Almost every reviewer I know approaches this artist with the greatest of caution; he's not so much a loose musical cannon as a sprinkler system spitting out his 'music' wherever and whenever he wants to. I know for a fact he hasn't been around Soundclick that long and despite the over abundance of derogatory remarks about what he does, it boggles my mind that he has 190 tracks on his page. And Never A Second Chance, which is a new track apparently, is right at the end of that very, very long list which go some way to telling you that things are not going to be as normal with this artist. You may also have wandered across his many side projects as well, and I certainly seem to have reviewed a fair few - and we are still talking... :)

As a cranky old bastard who has been around the block so many times I've worn a trench in the sidewalk I KNOW that - whatever the odds are against it - sometimes artists like this need to settle into something realistic (to outside ears that is). See, Patrick's Golden Musical Rule is that there are no rules, if you feel it; it works. That may be some worlds away from what most of his listeners may be thinking - should they survive with hearing and sensibility intact. You can get that 'you are kidding me right?' look off your face right now OK because - believe me - you will be so glad I gave you prior and adequate warning that suspension of belief is a prerequesite for any Patrick Lew opus.

If you still think I am having some sort of joke with you, go now and listen to this track.

The funny thing is that I actually (kinda/sorta) like his 'well I don't give a fuck' attitude but I know for a fact that most people would probably just scream WTF? and pass by on the other side of the street, trying hard not to look at the accident. Demo also has a different connotation for a musician like Patrick than for the rest of us, insofar as this is probably the one, and only, take which was probably completed in about 3.8 seconds - at least as far as forethought, production, and arrangement went. Not to mention equally useful musical tools as tuning and timing. Nope, ol' Pat wails on his guitar in a seemingly haphazard way, screeching incomprensible lyrics in an off key manner. There is one thing Patrick masters so well it's the reason why I still give him the time of day. No one else I have ever heard manages to make a peice of music where everything, and I mean everything, works against everything else.

Lunatic? Inspired? Who knows....but I'm sure Patrick will tell you.


Brian said...

190 songs??!!! Omg.... I've been busy myself trying to see just how many I've recorded, but I don't think the number is anywhere near that.

I think this guy would do better if instead of "publishing" every song he does, get some feedback from other people and cut the number of songs posted to a quarter of that.

Steve Gilmore said...

Hey Brian, how ya doing?

I think I tend to agree with you. People definitely DO NOT come back if you have irritated them once, let alone 190 times with your material...

Patrick, as I have made clear, just doesn't seem to either care or 'get it' which is obviously his choice but certainly not something I would recommend to anybody as a course of action.

Thanks for the comment.