Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stain(ed) Art/Forcefield Kids - Little Miss Star

Hear The Track Here

It is tremendously reassuring in these days of falling record sales, faltering music business models and the Great Economic Squeeze to find that there are some bright spots around, all on the internet as it happens. Netlabels is the current name of the game and I've already waxed lyrical about 23seconds (IMHO one of the very best around) but this track comes courtesy of Mutate Records a new name to me with some very interesting electronic music artists. We all, of course, know Stain(ed) Art from his UK based hiphop tracks with that distinctive regional accent well to the fore who has - over the time I have known him - given me some very credible music moments. It has to be said though that I do like the UK hiphop sound so whatever you do, disregard my obvious bias.

Uz britz have to stick togevver, innit?

The track is from The Forcefield Kids new Home EP, slated for a late February digital release on Mutate, and its no surprise that someone has picked up on this very interesting artist. Its probably really unfair to paint Stain into the same picture as the legendary John Cooper Clarke, a seminal influence on the UK rap scene, but by God he really sounds like the man himself. No, it isn't because they both have a broad Northern accent either because AFAIK they do come from different parts of the North of England (Cooper Clarke is from Manchester and I think Stain is from Newcastle). Nope, it's in style and humour that these two work the same field and having lived with Little Miss Star for a while I can see why Mutate wanted this track.

Its an absolute racing certainty that anyone coming to this track from the regular hiphop jolt of gangstas, riches and bitches is going to be scratching their heads in befuddlement. It may be hiphop Jim, but not as we know it. It's an electronica feast with some of the weirdest beats you are likely to hear and - to my ears anyway - probably the best thing I have ever heard Stain do. As I say, it won't strike the rap purists who would probably turn their noses up at its odd, disjointed feel and rapid vocal delivery but having lived with the track for the better part of a week, I'd say give it a few plays for that excellent chorus to sneak up and mug you. If this is an indication of how good the Home EP is going to be, this could be a very good year for Stain and the Forcefield Kids. Make sure you get a look at the lyrics mind, I find it really helps to appreciate this artist.

Excellent, and different, UK hiphop/rap. Highly Recommended.

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