Tuesday, December 30, 2008

www.Fortune-Music.com - All Sold Out

Hear The Track Here

Its no good blinking your eyes mate, the band name is not going to change dramatically. First time for me though and no, I am not reviewing a website. Fortune, I guess, is the name of the band and band indeed they appear to be. A live, gigging five peice by the looks of the video on their Soundclick page from the Boston area. The reason I divulge all this essential trivia is - yep you guessed it - the band are new (to me) and I'm flailing around for something to say. At least that's my story and I am going to be sticking to it no matter what. (Ed: For fekks sake Gilmore get on with it!)

Although I constantly piss and moan about the vast differences between American and British rock (big hair, block-busting drums and wall to wall guitars) I do have a soft spot for the more commercial side of American heavy rock. Got to admit, they have written a killer riff or two that adds to the pantheon and - when they are hot - there is nothing like it on the planet. Over the years I have gained great respect for bands that put on a show - and I don't mean the visuals. Fortune has that ring about them, and it pays off massively on All Sold Out.

Too right mate, as you will see when you get an earful of the track. Anything that shouts 'Oi you! Better rock now!) from the opening note is fine by me and it keeps getting better and better. Classic American rock, proud, boastful and right on the fucking money - no ifs ands or buts. I was sold (Ed: groans) on this track from the first note but I am a well known rock hound and this track contains all my main food groups and in the gourmet version too. Damn, now I've made myself hungry. I'll grab a sandwich and you clickee clickee on the linkee and we'll rock out for a while with this awesome, and I mean that folks, rock song.

Absolutely classic Classic rock. MUST HAVE and 11.

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