Sunday, December 28, 2008

Larry Ludwick - The Christmas I Miss

Hear The Track Here

Considering this is the season to be whatsname, this is the first overtly Christmassy track I've reviewed this month, for which - I might add - I am eternally grateful. Yes, I know my bah humbug is showing again but hey, it all gets a bit much ya know? Here I am the day after Christmas and all I can think is that it must end soon, surely? I'm not anti-Christmas or anything like that, just fed up to the back teeth with people exhorting me to be cheerful and full of the seasons joys. 'k off' I shout at their rapidly retreating backs when they realise that my Xmas cheer would be at their expense.

Enough already.

Now that we have the grumpy old man stage out of the way, let's get back to Larry. Larry Ludwick has become quite a fixture on Soundclick's forums and, five tracks down, a bit of a known quantity to this reviewer too. Although I don't always jive with the style there is never any doubt that Larry the musician knows exactly what he is about - and the tracks I've heard show that again and again. As does - in its own festive way - whatever my own feelings about the season.

The easiest musical reference is Neil Young, but simply because Larry is a songwriter whose music is in the same field. For me his vocal is much than Neil Young, he is much more real country sounding and I mean that as a compliment. Carrying off a track like The Christmas I Miss would be difficult for anyone IMHO because it is a fairly arrangement and style but somehow Larry makes it happen even if the vocals were'nt all they should be. Its that relaxed, laconic delivery that finally won me over.

Seasons greetings. Bah Highly Recommended Humbug!

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