Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pilesar - Gator Wrasslin'

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Ladles and gerbils, The Wizard of Weird, the wombat of wtf, the something of the something else, Pie LEE zur (if ya please). If you think that is an over the top introduction you have obviously not met the aformentioned wizard/wombat/whatevah yet and could not possible know that Pilesar is a sometime human who was given his name by an elf. He's also one of the foremost exponents of Alternative:Experimental you are ever likely to hear. The ghosts of America's endless parade of weirdo's (think Sun Ra, Beefheart, Zappa, Residents et al) live on in this artists many, many minds.

Its funny that Pilesar should be championing an artist like Thomas J, who has a lo-fi (but incredible) EP on Pilesars Chameleon Dish Archive. The reason I mention this is that Thomas went from electronica weirdery to troubadour chic and Pilesar also seems to drifted away from his electronic fukry and into more conventional musical styles - albeit with that added Pilesar whiff of chaos that permeates anything this artist is involved in.

The list of Pilesar tracks resident on my hard drive long passed double figures and that should tell you how badly I am infected. 'Loving you is like gator wrasslin' is the theme of this, the first track from Pilesar's upcoming No Good For Eyeballs album which promises to be a special treat. As I say, the man has gone all retro on us, and Gator Wrasslin' features a nice bluesy rock peice that wouldn't have sounded out of place back in the days (early 1970's) - provided you had the right amount of stimulation applied to the pleasure centres of the brain. Otherwise it would sound just like a bunch of freaks making a shedload of noise and having a lot of fun doing it. That would never do, I suppose.

No good for eyeballs it may be, but the brain likes it. MUST HAVE mayhem.

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