Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Minimack - Down and Out

Hear The Track Here

One of the names that has sprung full blown into my world this year has been beatmakers Sinima Beats who seem to have become flavour of the month for some of our more discerning rappers, Minimack among them. If the name is ringing bells with you, I raved about Dro and Drank (October 2008) -or $Dro and Drank$ to be precise - and gave it a Must Have rating which has been rare for hip hop this year.  

Obviously part of the appeal is because of the involvement of Sinima (because they really are THAT good) but also because Minimack is a more than competent rapper.Not sure whether he is singing the vocal on this track but it does the job but - it has to be said - it wanders off pitch a lot. Where it takes off is in the chorus; a wonderful raspy rap, partnered with a female tra-la-la-ing and a hook to die for. So musically this is as fine a peice of product as anything Sinima has come up with and Minimack has made a more than competent job of it.

Down and out is not, as you may imagine, about the gritty, grim city life espoused by so many other rap artists. In fact, its actually a love song and that is where - surprisingly - tis scored with me. Again, the vocal could definitely do with some work on those noticeable wobbles but all told the final reaction is definitely positive. To really put this across though, that vocal really has to sound confident, relaxed charge and what is there right now just doesn't. Doesn't mean much though, because most people wouldn't notice that. They would, however, take notice of an excellent slice of hip hop.

Excellent music and idea. Highly Recommended.

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