Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nuff X - Redemption

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I knew that I had known Nuff X, a Soundclick electronica musician, for a long time but I must admit I was surprised that it was almost 4 years ago that I reviewed his first track. Now the man sits on a mountain of tracks (178 and counting), most of them 'right crackers' (Ed: he means very good to excellent) in that glitchy, electronica way he has seemingly made his own. There is even a term for it: nuffcore and I swear it fits the musical style to a T. Its fair to say that Nuff has made huge strides over the years and has provided some very masterful tracks but....

You are only as good as the last one :)

Redemption is the first track from Nuff's upcoming third album 'Paper Wings' and turns out to be a very strange peice of electronica indeed. So much so that I had to check the copy that I had with the online version just to make sure I was hearing what I had been intended to hear. There again, that very oddness is one of the reasons I have grown to like this artists work, he is never one to take the easy road when he can take the widest detour possible...

Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't but I think it would be fair to say that you would have to like electronica (and the wilder fringes of it at that) to really get something from Redemption. It's probably one of his more opaque tracks, making wide use of his customary cut up vocals and some excellent noise samples that actually work within the context of this odd little track. There is a sombre, dark edge to the track that will, I fear, out more than a few people off. There again, if you know and like what Nuff X does, then you will find a hefty dose of it in this track - as odd and off-the-wall as it is.

Wacky IDM. Recommended.

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