Sunday, December 28, 2008

Buzrk - Post Dormant Scar

Hear The Track Here

Its been just over a year since I made the acquaintance of Miami based rapper Buzrk, and although we haven't always seen eye to eye, his tracks are never that much of a stretch to review. I do like a bit of hiphop ya see, and Buzrk supplies a pretty decent version of it. He hasn't given me anything to rave about as yet but hey, can't do that from a standing start and Buzrk has been improving for most of this last year so there is always time. One of the main problems this rapper faces, I think, is his lyrical flow; often its a case of too many words, not enough breath if you know what I mean.

Beats provided in this case by IQ The Goon who supplied the Old Man (October 2007) track I raved about constantly at the time. All looking good then because thats music and rap taken care of by people who should know what they are doing. There then, is the fly that constantly mars what this artist attempts; I'm sure that my problem is mainly to do with the vocal tone he employs, and the sheer amount of words he always stuffs each track with.

The truth is that I found Post Dormant Scar mainly pedestrian and yes, a bit boring. That's a problem of course, especially with rap which relies solely on the rappers ability to mesmerise with their lyrical flow, There is none of the percussive punch you would normally associate with the best of the genre, and again I would put that down to the sheer weight of the words Buzrk is trying to put across. There again, as someone might say, what do I know about it anyway? Well, I know what works and what doesn't and this doesn't it for me. There again, I have said time and again and I guess by now Buzrk is used to it, less is more and laying back into the beat would help too.

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