Wednesday, December 10, 2008

333maxwell - Casual Funk

Hear The Track Here

It's absolutely funking amazing how many people preface a review request with the words 'it's really not finished'. Then wtf am I doing in this picture? No smart cracks about the lowest of the low, if you wouldn't mind. So the sounding board that is obviously Gilmore got snookered again but - to be honest - I've never found listening to 333maxwell to be a chore; in fact its often been a pleasure. So far this year he has been the recipient of at least three Must Have tracks and a couple of lesser rating but those Must Haves are right up there.

Almost all the best 33maxwell tracks IMHO have been the heavy jazz ones of which - despite its title - this is a proud additition. He has an uncanny knack with the genre, there is no disputing that. Anyone who has heard the 1940/50's classic Post War Dreaming (September 2008) can see that this is someone who loves the music and takes pains to get it sounding right in all respects.

Casual Funk to me anyway, is a little too laid back for my own taste by by God there is no disputing that the man has nailed the genre yet again. Six minutes plus of some of the coolest jazz this side of heaven which is great if you are a jazz nut but completely rubbish if you want music to bang heads with. So be warned, this is a track that is definitely going to find many welcoming ears but it is most definitely for those with a taste for the stuff. Billed as a demonstration of low cost recording (laptop, freeware addons) it is certainly that because the clarity this kind of music demands is there without question. What is somewhat lacking is structure and pace but there again it IS jazz and that should be as spontaneous as possible - even in this wired world.

Excellent free style jazz jam. Highly Recommended.

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