Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mike-K - Midnight (Electric Version)

Hear The Track Here

Dear Michael Xavier, You seem to be under the impression that I don't like your music. As you know, I am like you (except without the beard and the smooth line in DJ patter), I don't think that there is a peice of music I don't like; as cliched as it is I love ALL music. Just like you see? Moreover, I think you are a very, very talented musician, and one not afraid to experiment either. While its true that I don't like 'easy listening' music, if I had to endure some I'd prefer that it was yours because I know that you write from the heart to the fingers as any good musician should. At the end of the day, reviews are merely opinions and - not unlike assholes - everyone has one. The only opinion that counts at the end of the day is your own. Sincerely, your friend, Steve Xavier (no relation). (Ed: Good, can we get on with the review now?)

Sure Ed. Mike, your track is shit! :) Sorry, little joke there

(Ed: in every way because the review starts NOW!). In all seriousness, I do like Mike K as a musician as I've said endless times, it's the style that often grates on me and that is just personal preference. Truth is, if you like the lighter side of the musical spectrum then Mike-K is the very man to know as Midnight (Electric Version) amply testifies. Admittedly, the philistine in me screams and attempts to run away every time this comes up in the playlist but that's because of my feelings about the genre. Musically and technically, I think this is one of the best Mike-K tracks I have heard; a truly lovely peice.

The bulk of the kudos has to be down to that tone and style of the guitar line that dominates the track; wouldn't have worked at all if it had been yer average jazzy tone. Not sure how Mike is getting this particular sound, but hey I definitely like it even encased in the musical equivalent (to me anyway) of syrup - a track so nice it makes your teeth ache. There again, that's what Mike specialises in and this is a classic example of the man and his music, As I said, one of the best sounding tracks this artist has ever come up with.

Excellent New Age guitar instrumental. Highly Recommended and a MUST HAVE for fans.

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