Sunday, December 28, 2008

Charlie A - Hopefull

Hear The Track Here

Charlie Armour (for it is he) has long been an acquired taste for me and many other Soundclick regulars which is very surprising for me because you know how I feel about (shudder) film soundtracks. Charlie though, is a bit special in a good many ways. Charlie is a wheelchair bound artist for a start, as you can see from his webpage but as he so wonderfully puts it when putting this song forward for review 'Its about my life, despite the struggles I have had and pain i go through I still smile' Being hopeful in Charlie's case is a state of mind that he has always had as far as I can tell and it permeates every bit of his music I have heard.

He is also, in my opinion, one of the most adept musicians working in the genre, as evidenced by the fils he actually managed to score, rather than just making the music to go with a film. Very different processes let me tell you. Hopefull is yet another example of what Charlie A does best; ally his undoubted musical ability to a knowing sense of what instrument is going to sound right with the material he is working with. In that, he never fails.

There is more then a sense of The Omen soundtrack in Hopefull, the piano part definitely echoes that great film score but Charlie brings a wistful lightness to it that fits the rest of the track so well you forget the reference after a while. From the very first notes of this track, you sense that this is a track it would be good to get to know even if - like me - you don't normally like the genre. That's the best thing about Charlie overall, he fits in any basket you care to put him in, so long as it includes melodies as fine as these.

MUST HAVE Soundtrack.

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