Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mokee Dugway - Not Enough

Hear The Track Here

Before you go asking, I don't have a clue what the name means either and there isn't a lot of info on this artists Soundclick page to shed some light on the matter. From what I can gather Mokee Dugway is an Italian rock musician based in the Eternal City (Ed: Rome to you and me) and a new name to me and Soundclick to by the looks of it. Headed by one Gabriele D'Urbano Mokee Dugway appears to be a one man band, and I see nothing wrong with that, the internet is infested with them. There are, however, a round 13 tracks on the webpage so obviously he isn't going to be new to making with the music.

So, let us see...

'A man with no face steals things with no value, then drives away, steers off the road and speeds away through the desert' is what the song blurb has to say. Not Enough turns out to be a very tastefully put together soft rock instrumental with a deceptively intricate arrangement that leads you into the track with an ease that took my breath away - or at least it when it was new to me. After I had a few plays under my belt, my initial impression proved to be right, this is a particularly good track in many ways, production, arrangement and performance.

It is, however, a guitar instrumental and you have to ask yourself is there room for yet another guitar instrumental. After all, they are ten a penny on Soundclick right? And indeed they are, but there aren't that many that reach this kind of quality where literally ALL of the musical bases are covered and then some. I can't say I am a big fan of instrumentals and for a track to register with me it must contain something over and above and Not Enough definitely does that. An interesting introduction to this artist and that's for sure.

Highly Recommended rock guitar instrumental.

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