Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can't Stop The Daggers - Changing My Mind

Hear The Track Here

At this stage of the game I am busily working away at my year end reviews and it is clear - beyond all shadow of a doubt - that two names are going to figure strongly in it and I won't be giving anything away by mentioning them because I have waxed lyrical about them all year long. The first is the absolutely awesome Azoora (and its many collaborators and remixers) and the second is none other than Can't Stop The Daggers. I take a liberty somewhat by lumping them together like this but, in many ways, they are extremely compatible like that. Both bands have strong musical personalities in them, both have impeccable sound taste and both specialise in melodic alternative music the like I guarantee you would be floored by.

Well, that's what it sez on this banknote anyway :)

OK seriously now, CSTD is a live, gigging five peice out of Phoenix AZ consisting of Chris Chattom (guitars and upright/fretless basses), Jon Partelow (vocals, keyboards, accoustic guitar) , Emily Schalick (electric bass, acoustic bass, upright and 5 string bass, Cello, backup vocals) and Lionel Luchessi (drums, percussion and backup vox). Don't go by the rough rehersal video on their SC page though, I do advise that you listen to this bands recorded product before leaping to any conclusions. With at least 3 or 4 Must Haves in their pocket this is a band who brush up a treat and if alternative indie is what floats your boats, you are not likely to find much finer.

Now before you start whacking off emails, yes I know I have reviewed this track before; or at least the John Purcell (of Azoora) remix of it and - despite it being a kinda/sorta rock ballad - I felt the same instant appeal. This though is the final thing from the band itself and as much as I liked the remix, the clean, angular approach of this version won me over from the getgo. While there may be elements of the remix I would have liked to see on this version, this is most definitely a Can't Stop The Daggers track in every respect. What really staggers me about CSTD (and Azoora too) is the extremely high standard of song-writing these musicians bring to the table. Considering that this still at the 'demo' stage according to Jon Partelow, its cleaness makes it feel much more than that.

Classic slice of CSTD and well worth the wait. MUST HAVE (hell yeah!)

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Kulamafi said...

Thank you Steve, for yet another another another another review. I bet we could stitch them into a solid novella by now?

Within the realm of the point here, feel free to chain Purcell physically to me! Right now I'm working on a remix(errr..rework?) of their newer track Lay back / Fire in our Eyes and working on vocals for another bipolar number... and talking of starting in on some tracks we just pass back and forth so I think the mention and comparison is fairly just on here.. if I could afford it I'd fly him our here just to sit in on the mixdowns we have coming up ;)

Anyhow, in 2009 I'll finally be able to submit more complete versions of a bunch of the songs (which you haven't yet heard). We are aiming for the presskit by February this year so...

The magic(safe?) word for me was clean...makes the journey this year worth it to read that not just here but also in a friend's comments about one of the new recordings.

I think we also spent around 15 thousand pounds collectively on gear so far this past year. Does the vast recession come with regrets? HELL NO.

Thanks again!