Thursday, December 25, 2008

Stain(ed) Art - Carmen Finestra

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If the title of this track is ringing some bells then take a bow because you have been paying attention. I have, in fact, reviewed Carmen Finestra before but not under this name. Through Crosshair Eyes LP (February 2008) was the artist at the time. UK based rapper Stain has in fact presented a few tracks to me under different guises although the bulk of them have been under the Stain Online personna. All good stuff too in one respect (I have a marked taste for UK hiphop) but not so good in another. Stain is an intellgent, coherent rapper whose style I definitely rate, but the more technical side of the equation has always been the rough part of the deal.

Quite why I am reviewing this track again I'm not sure although this IS a new version (uploaded this month) and features a new name on the credits: Krowbar. As soon as I heard the track I remembered it which says something about the quality of the song itself. A huge part of that recognition factor is the chorus; an anthemic sound that you can imagine being shouted from thousands of throats in a stadium/arena. The song itself hasn't changed much but - I believe - the sound of the track has got much better, more rounded, sharper instrumentation.

The beginning of the track will fox you a bit mind so best to lay off the drugs while you get used to it. Once the main track kicks in though, it is so obviously the song I remember. As I mentioned in my original review, this may be rap but its a million miles away from the US variety and infinitely more lyrical, this is a VERY wordy rap. One of the things I didn't like about the original was the verbosity, and the struggle Stain seemed to have fitting all those words into a mere four minute; on this version he seems to have licked that particular problem. This is one rap track though where reading the lyrics is essential to understanding the track, Stain understands that and they are on the songs webpage in all their glory.

The War and Peace rap even. Highly Recommended UK hiphop.

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