Friday, December 19, 2008

The Dead Company -Xmas Song

Hear The Track Here

Those people who came over from another site to Soundclick with me some four or five years ago will know all too well what The Dead Company is capable of. When I reviewed Buildings 3 Vocal/Buildings 3 Pt 3 (June 2003) I wrote of them 'TDC are well on their way to offering the most challenging material I have ever heard' and surprisingly enough I have yet to find anyone to better them - at least at their own game. That game being a very serious attempt to scare the crap out of you with edgy (and I really mean that folks), incredibly dark soundscapes. At the time The Dead Company comprised of three very well known names; Jon Bushaway, Sean Boyle (aka Black Circles) and Graham High (aka Paradise Garage) and thoughtout the next year or so plied me with a great many tracks that still reside on my hard drive to this day.

As much as they are the most experimental of bands, I did develop a taste for their material that still appeals so when I saw this in the review thread this month I admit I smiled - not normal behaviour when faced with their tracks, believe me. Best not to go expecting any Xmas cheer from these guys though, it just isn't their style. The main lyrical thrust of the track goes something like 'so we ask ourselves, why is it he has no hope. When all he asks for for xmas, is a rickety chair and a length of rope'. Nice eh? I told you they have a wierd worldview. The same does not apply to their music however, which I have always found most palatable - in an experimental kinda way.

Its also a great pleasure to re-aquaint myself with Sean Boyle's particularly idiosyncratic vocal style; a sort of spoken whisper that typified a Dead Company track. Mind you, I was always super careful never to listen to this band on a bad day. If you are having a bad day, depressed or suicidal then this is one band that will have you reaching for the nearest bomb, bullet, rope, sleeping pill, gas oven or large building to throw yourself off in an effort to MAKE IT STOP!. The bright side of it is the musical soundscape constructed behind the vocals; it isn't everyone who can keep my attention for almost seven minutes with a soundscape, but TDC have always been a bit special that way. Highly unique and very infectious for certain people (like me), say hello to the Dead Company and merry fucking Christmas :)

Unique experimental alternative. Highly Recommended.

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