Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lined With Asbestos - Through The Shadows

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Marek d'Fordewin is the real name of Lined With Asbestos and they are both new names to me and thats the best way I can think of rounding the year off. Yep, my very last review of 2008, not sure what sort of honour may attach to that but hey, grab it where you can right? Unfortunately Through The Shadows was on a playlist with some very heavy duty tracks and that usually doesn't bode well. What it means is that tracks like that (see past Must Haves) raise the bar on the tracks around them and usually come out sounding worse than they probably are. Especially if you are a furious nitpicker with a Christmas hangover and a tense digestive system.

Uh oh. Pull them screens.

'A brooding little piece of down-tempo music. Looking for female vocalist' is what the song proclaims and I can't see anything wrong with that. I think it would take a rare vocalist to do this track justice in the broodiness stakes and obviously female because they rule the world of broody. (Ed: Oh God, did he just say that! Cut!! Cut!!!!). Not that it actually needs a vocal mind, it's a surprisingly good listen considering its dark tone. It's also surprisingly well put together, with some good sounds going although I found some of it a bit overdone. Nonetheless, it acheives the objective; an overwhelming bleakness.

Ewww, you may think, not for me fanks. So would I, except I had to play it a few times and in the process grew to quite like its weird amble through a graveyard feel. I have to admit I wouldn't track it down by choice, there is still something about the track that doesn't gel for me, but I can see it doing well amongst those whose main diet is dark, forbidding electronica, because this is done with some considerable style.

Recommended dark electronica.

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