Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cam's Even Song - Your Hard Packed Ground

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I think too many people may have taken me seriously when I asked for some seasonal cheer and if anyone has a knack for turning out seasonal (read Christmas) songs then it's Cam's Even Song. Those who know me know that I'm a bah humbug kinda guy. It's not that I don't understand Christmas and all it means, I just get ticked off by the endless 'good cheer' thrust at you whether you want it or not. Personally, I prefer a good old moan and whinge at Christmas but I would never stand in the way of a party of any description, let alone one with presents involved. Cam has the singular honour of giving me one of my favourite Christmas songs, the mighty Just the Truth - On Christmas which is at the top of his page.

Even he knows better than to try and foist anything seasonal on me, which is probably why I am reviewing Your Hard Packed Ground, a track I notice has had some reviews already. The guy has obviously been busy (or going through a growth spurt) because the last time I was at his page he had 184 tracks on there. As of the time of writing, he now has 215! Now I don't know about you but that is prodigious by anybody standards. What is even more astounding is that ALL those tracks have much to offer, depending on your favoured strain of Cam.

Personally I prefer the preachier side of Cam, but each to their own. Fans of the whimiscal side of this artist will really enjoy the easy lope of Your Hard Packed Ground, and the extremely winning chorus. Pulling enormously on his love of 60's music, this is a track that understands what it needs to do and does it without fuss or mess. There again, that's always the way with Cam's Even Song, a trademark even. More to the point its one of Cam's little gems, encased in four minutes of your time, how could you resist? IMHO, one of Soundclick's finer songwriters.

Highly Recommended rock pop.

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