Sunday, May 06, 2007

UniFaun - To The Green Faerie

Hear The Track Here

When I first started writing reviews out of Soundclick, it was a much smaller, more intimate place. It was a time when forums were a damn sight busier than they are these days. It was easy to spot the truly righteous musicians amongst them and UniFaun consists of two of that period's (ie late 2003) finer musicians; those incorrigible Swedes Nad Sylvan and Bonamici. Yep, stop rubbing your eyes in disbelief, the musical bar on Soundclick has just been raised substantially. Sylvan and Bonamici left Soundclick a while ago for Artist Launch and although I've kept up with the tracks I personally hoped that ultimately they would end up back here.

See? Dreams do come true.

Nad Sylvan was my very first Artist Of The Year (2003) and both he and Bonamici have a string of Must Haves from me, together and individually so I freely admit to huge bias towards these guys - despite them being rockers of the Genesis persuasion. Great musicians are great musicians I say and to hell with the labels. This applies ever more so because Nad and Bon have taken that premise and made it their own; at least if you judge by the six tracks they have on their site. Listen only at the moment, but for the paltry sum of 75 cents, you can own a peice of vintage S&B at the highest possible rendering (320kbps) and believe me this is one artist I actually WOULD pay money to have and to hold. Not only are Nad and Bon accomplished and adventurous musicians, they are also notable, seasoned producers (Nad being the ultimate perfectionist). It's obviously handy to keep the nit-pickers close, ya see...

I've actually had To The Green Faerie for a while now, because UniFaun is one of the very few artists I like to keep track of, so it's a given that I have played this track - like all their previous releases - to the point of destruction. One of the best joys connected with it is the lyrical smarts every one of their tracks exhibit, and To The Green Faerie is no exception - especially if you are a Genesis fan. That's the funny thing, I could never stand Genesis but I absolutely love what UniFaun do with it, regardless of what name they go by. Their music is complex, dense and takes weeks to work the bones out of them and this track is another in the most consistently impressive body of work it has ever been my pleasure to witness. Don't take my word for it, as good as you might find this track, there are maybe some others that are even more to your taste. Personally I'd recommend you hoover up the lot while you can. Nad Sylvan and Bonamici have always had tremendous potential and I think we should have a welcome back party immediatement....

UniFaun, different name, same great taste. MUST HAVE (even if you HATE prog rock

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