Friday, May 18, 2007

Azoora - Desert Storms Demo

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Azoora blew my bollocks off (Ed: PLEASE tell me you are speaking figuratively!) when - after a considerable hiatus - they delivered Marzipan (March 2007) to my ears; a killer tune with a knockout production that absolutely demanded a Must Have rating. As it happens, it was the very first must have they have ever got from me - in whatever combination they work in (Bipolar, Azoora or various collabs) and I'd say it bodes well for this year provided the band don't go and take another year off. Actually, I say take a year off and obviously they didn't, but it's equally obvious that they haven't had the time to record and produce anything for online consumption. Yeah, damn that real world eh?? Whatever, if you think you know how good music could be on Soundclick, think again because with this one track Azoora raise the bar considerably. Don't take my word for it, have a listen right now...

We'll wait. [sounds of feet shuffling and tuneless whistling]

Azoora are Paul Loader (acoustic guitar/lead vox), John Purcell (electric guitar/production), Trudi Lawrence (backing vocals) and Ben Cockran on drums; all of them busy with other (real world) musical projects so it is to be expected that their online presence would be patchy, but their music most definitely isn't. I've played Marzipan to death since I've had it and - at this stage - it's almost a shoo in for a track of the year. Not bad going I'd say. Desert Storms builds on the awesome arrangement and production skills but the vocal this time is probably Paul Loader because it's a cast iron certainty it isn't Trudi. Although I found this track nothing like as immediate as Marzipan, it's real quality comes out with time and repeated plays.

Desert Storms has a lot of the sound and texture of the previous track too, which leads me to assume that these come from the same sessions; it has the same acoustic slant too - all of which endears it to me. See, I particularly like well made songs, and that is one thing I have always got from this outfit, and a class performance into the bargain. Sounding a lot like a lighter, but more sophisticated Silvertrain, Desert Storms takes a while to get on its feet, but the first couple of minutes are so lush and wide open that you'll be too busy checking out all the aural geegaws to notice that it's almost ballad-like. Then right around 1:56 the track finally starts jogging on the spot, and it's a revelatory moment. There's no doubt Azoora are making some achingly beautiful music that has so much heart and soul it brings tears to these old eyes, not mention intricacies for my ears to batten on to.

MUST HAVE alternative pop.

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