Sunday, May 27, 2007

DTRG - Back to You

Hear The Track Here

Question: when is a song not a song? When you never finish the lyrics to it, according to me ol' mate Dave (of OKL, preOKL and all other shades thereof) who - as it happens - is the sole prop and guiding light behind DTRG. Back To You is an instrumental with Muzak overtones, according to the same Dave source, and that - as we know - is a well known migraine inducer where I come from. Not then, a very good starting price, so you would have to be asking yourself right around now; well, what's in it for me? For sure, it's yet another slice in the multi-layer pie all those shades of OKL, but is it satisfying in the way that only One Kids Lunch (for it is they) can be?

Well obviously its not going to supply the usual lyrical puns I've come to associate with music from this quarter so it should be equally as obvious that if you can't stand instrumental tracks, best stop reading now. For the rest of us, there is some appeal to the track but it for sure is going to wear off pretty quick because it sounds exactly what it is: a track just itching for a real good solid vocal line. The production was pretty tidy with the exception of some very noticeable level drops dotted throughout the track, most people probably wouldn't splutter a thousand wtf's at their computer screen but I was ever a nit picker about picking the odd nit or two.

What is a nit anyway? (Ed: ewww, please, don't answer that).

So all respect to me mate Dave an' all that but it isn't the sort of track that is going to interest anybody outside of us musicians and - maybe, just maybe - the new collaborator that may take this artist up on this fledgling track. As the band interview comments say, these track are literally demo's; although they aren't in sound quality, merely unfinished. Musically, it's the kind of guitar driven rock that will be familiar to all One Kids Lunch fans, and you may get a kick out of hearing it (I did, but not for long) but outside of that, I don't think this will have many takers. On the other hand, it really cries out to be finished so emailing the artist constantly to get his act in gear may well do the trick.

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