Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Assiah - In Falling Out

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At the hind end of the 1970's this old fart (Ed: he means him, not me) ran with a heavy mob. For my sins (and some intro from the Hawkwind circle) I was able to see some of the greatest heavy metals artists of the time from Led Zep to Ted Nugent and all stops between. I bet, for instance, that you didn't know that (at heart) the English pop band The Sweet were a closet heavy metal band? I do, because I was in the studio when the band were making Give Us a Wink and they fekkin ROCKED!! Of course it helped that most of the band members had already been members of several other notable HM bands. The reason I say this is not to big myself up - for me these are just memories - but to inform you that I have been into heavy metal a long, long time.

So it came as a bit of a disappointment when - after seeing people raving about Assiah and his brand of heavy metal on this and other sites, I reviewed Of Fire and Light (November 2006) and found it probably closer to prog than HM rock. It didn't stop me recommending it though - at least for all the shreddies fans out there because it was obvious that this is a guitarist who can wail when given the opportunity. Assiah states that In Falling Out is 'more of a straightforward rock song' so I guess that may go some way to curbing my rock animal instincts and - upon playing - indeed it does. After the first few plays it becomes impossible to deny that the base of the music has its roots solidly planted in heavy metal; guitars, drums and vocals are spot on both in sound and performance.

The fussiness of arrangement that spoilt Of Fire and Light for me is still present in In Falling Out but I found it more acceptable with this track, and I have no idea why. I think the reason is primarily to do with the way I started this review. There is - in the first vocal breakdown of this song - a marked Sweet-ish sound. Deft vocals helped of course, as does the harmonies but it's the solid rock of the backing track that really brings that reference to life. If you are familiar with the Give Us A Wink album then maybe you will be able to spot that too. So, if you are looking for a right good earbashing then look no further, this'll bang the wax right out of your ears in a single play, continued playing may however give you some substantial calluses. The track is classed this time as Alternative and in many ways that's an apt description because it is a mix of a couple of different styles, and a very good mix too.

Excellent classic rock with an alternative twist. Highly Recommended for rock hounds.

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