Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Exit Motel - Hospital Man

Hear The Track Here

Last one out of the review bag this month just scrapes in under the wire from Soundclick newcomers Exit Motel. No idea what it's all about but there's plenty of info on their SC webpage or their own site from which I've gleaned they are a duo (Matt Clark and Rich Patmore to be precise) and hail from Eastern England. Their music certainly doesn't sound in any way English though; in feel this is steamy rock of the eternal kind. The only dead giveaway are the lyrics and the deadpan delivery used to put them across (think Cure and you won't be far wrong).

There are some remarkably good brit alt bands, and in performance terms, Exit Motel sound like they belong; having a very classy arrangement to back up the musical dexterity. There is a tremendous laid back feeling to the track which at first I found a little off-putting, repeated plays put paid to that though. Just a question of getting used to. The more I got into the track the more I had to hand it to Exit Motel for a terrifiic arrangement that gives you glimpses of past history from 10cc to - as I mentioned before - The Cure.

Coming from a live band, you'd expect a certain amount of cohesion, and that's certainly the case if Hospital Man is anything to go, Exit Motel have their own particular take on this genre and it's surprisingly fresh sounding. Definitely a band I would want to go out and see, they'd certainly make for a lively evening. As such Hospital Man is a worthy introduction to this band and although it's the only track available on Soundclick right now, I'm sure it'll be followed by many others. Hospital Man is a study in how to make rock that's light but still has plenty of bite, and an indication of how they may be newcomers to Soundclick but not newcomers to making their music. Well worth going for a listen, right now.

Alternative rock that works. Highly Recommended.

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