Monday, May 07, 2007

Cameron Pierce - Bittersweet Goodbye

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Although Soundclick hosts musicians from all over the world (and several others planets as well obviously) but there is a decided majority of people from the US and UK, as would be obvious. What wouldn't be as obvious is the amount (and quality) of musicians from Canada - a truly staggering amount, and most of it very listenable. Cameron is obviously Canadian too hence the pathetically weak link I'm trying to make. Nothing pathetic about Cameron's body of work though; both in his earlier incarnation as latmat or under his legal name. What you get is West-Coast tinged vocal rock composed, performed and produced to a high standard, the sort of music that does have appeal for me, and a great many others (think CSNY, Byrds, Neil Young et al).

OK, I KNOW not everybody will like it, but I do.

So much so, that Cameron has pretty much become a permanent fixture in my household - especially when I want to listen that will cheer me up just by listening to it. He's been pretty quiet of late, the last track I reviewed of his was Cold (September 2006) so a new track was something I could look forward to. Cameron wrote this track about his father getting sick and then passing away, and it's a sign of the man that he then turned that experience into a song. Long time fans will instantly like this track because it is infused with Cameron's many hallmarks; great song, singable harmonies, classic rock lineup and some excellent vocals - all courtesy of the man himself.

To it's disadvantage I didn't think it was anything like as catchy of some of his other tracks but given the subject matter, that's hardly surprising. Nonetheless, Bittersweet Goodbye is a ferociously upbeat track, determined to shed some light in life's dark little corners, and it does it very well - albeit with a sound that (if this were possible) sounds dated already. In other words, you will have heard lots of tracks like this, the only thing that keeps it afloat is Cameron's style and his take on life as seen through his lyrics. Mind you, one of the best things about Cameron's tracks is that they are incredibly radio-friendly and in that respect, Bittersweet Goodbye is no exception but for my part, I have heard this artist do better. Nonetheless.....

Recommended vocal rock.

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