Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Charlie A - Aswang - Bad Times

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Charlie Amour (hence the A I guess) stumbled into my world last year with his 'record-the-babe' classic Bebee Bubba (July 2006), a wonderful peice of musical nonsense guaranteed to warm the hardest heart, The next track I heard, Broken China (January 2007) gave me an instant throbbin' wotsname the instant I fired it up. This track showed me that Charlie A isn't just a chuckle charlie, he's a very serious musician with a point to make and ammunition to back it up. Take this track, for instance, Aswang is the title of the film this is wriiten for, and this is a section called Bad Times... (sigh)

Charlie says it so much better (Ed: we ain't paying him).

The film is a suspense/ drama, documentary. In the early 1900's the Canadian government put a $500 head tax on Chinese Immigrant, this left a lack of women in gold mining towns. The Chinese Mafia (operating as a benevolent society) kidnapped women from S.E. Asia and forced them into prostitution. There is an actual case in Victoria of a Filipina women who was one such woman. The less attractive prostitutes were kept in crates and were abused by men. The Filipino community in Victoria created a rumour that this woman was a Mangkukulam (a witch) and cannot die until she passes on her power - therefore she still lingers. Our main character uncovers the story, and is led on a journey to restore the line that was broken and if you aren't intruiged to hear the music after that, you have no soul. This, mind, from a confirmed romantic who would believe any old rabbit you'd care to sell me.

(Ed: the really jarring thing is that he's perfectly serious. Picks up any old broken winged, tramp/hobo/baglady)

At just over two and a half minutes, Aswang - Bad Times is not going to tax anyone timewise. Moreover if you like a skilful blend of piano and strings (that's cellos, violins and stuff) then this will go down well with you. It's a bit more string driven though, despite the piano in the intro. It is indeed the kind of music I would expect in a film so on that score Charlie is covered, Much more to the point to me would be to see the film itself, and no doubt that time will come. Well up to the usual extremely high standard of work Charlie A has delivered in the past.

Excellent string drenched soundtrack. Recommended.

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