Saturday, May 12, 2007

Terry Martin - Left Behind

Hear The Track Here

I know I make a point of not reviewing my mates, but whenever I do, as you now see; there is usually a good reason for it. I've just reviewed the latest Sylvan & Bonamici track because they have just returned to Soundclick after a years absence, and that's also a good reason. The reason I'm reviewing the latest track from Indiehitz CEO, Terry Martin is because a) it's actually doing great things and; b) he asked me. Left Behind comes in two parts (audio and video) - the video being of excellent quality, the music - said to say - less so. I have to add the caveat here that this is purely a personal view, because there is nothing technically wrong with either the video (which really is top class) ot the music. Merely the style it is couched in; a semi-soft rock ballad, and you know how peevish they can make me.

So, why is this track so special?

Neil Young started a site on the net called Living With War Today, and it has gathered some splendidly vociferious anti-war songs on it with some very familiar (to us anyway) names. Myridian, Lex Zaleta, Guy Michetti, Maria Daines, Nigel Potter and many other 'Clickers have tracks there. I tend not to get into online conversations about the state of the world at war, because I have better things to do with my time. However, I am a lifelong pacifist so that should give you a clue as to where I stand on the subject in general, individual wars are what I refuse to spend my time debating. So, having had all this speil, it should be obvious by now that Left Behind is a proud anti-war song based on the children of servicemen and women 'left behind' if they fall in the field of battle.

OK so far, no problems here, and then comes the music...

Obviously this track is going to ring more bells in the United States that it is most anywhere else because it is THE only topic of conversation of any importance there; it's also made from an American perspective musically being a cross between a rock ballad and a country tune. As such, technically there is nothing wrong with it - as you would expect from an old pro like Terry - but I have to be honest and tell you that it doesn't so much for me. Probably partly because of it's personal nature, but mostly because I really don't like the feel of the track. To my ears it is cloying; saccharine. You may indeed think differently and that's only right. I would however, suggest that you do check out both the track AND the video. Best to go for the video first though because it definitely helps the track to come over better. Taken on it's own, you may run into the same problems I did. Whatever you may think about this track, it is put together superbly with one of the sharpest mixes I have heard in a long while - and who else would feature a Flugel horn?? :D

Recommended anti-war song with a distinctly American bias.

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