Sunday, May 13, 2007

Big Wheel - Prism

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I ended 2006 by stating that Big Wheel is definitely an up and comer on Soundclick and the three tracks he has delivered so far this year all keep up that high standard. The Yes Song (January 2007) is an excellent drums and bass workout that packs so much into its five minutes it'll make your head spin. Magic Organ (February 2007) was a chilled slice of electronica that - although dating back to February 2006 - sounded as fresh as yesterday and finally Curve (March 2007) was a masterful slice of chill-out which gained him his very first Must Have from me. It's a certainty that this won't be the last one I throw his way.

Now read on...

It's almost a foregone conclusion that I am going to like pretty much everything this artist throws at me, his production and arrangement skills are well up there. I've liked everything I've heard from him so far, and Prism is the latest in a long line of suave, sophisticated electronic workouts, almost this artists trade mark. This is an intelligent musician who understands the use of light and shade as well as musical depth, and almost any of his tracks will show this off to perfection but seeing as we are dealing with Prism here - it's a real good place to start if you haven't given the Big Wheel a spin yet. There again, almost everybody I know is into this artist, so I'm probably preaching to the converted anyway.

Should you have just happened onto this review and have no idea of who and what Big Wheel is, I'd suggest you click on the link and acquaint yourself with one of the very best electronic musicians that Soundclick has to offer, and you may as well start with Prism. It's a beautifully realised peice, sonically and musically; piano led and with such devotion to sound fidelity that it feels like the track is tonguing your ears as well as massaging them. Over the years I've come across some excellent musicians in this genre through SC's electronica forum and through these reviews, but none that moves quite like the Wheel does. A cool, cool tune and no mistake.

MUST HAVE chillage. (again)

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