Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ciccie Malm - Allting är möjligt

Hear The Track Here

Most people who know me well know that I am a right surly sort. Not one to respond much because I think I pretty much say what I have to say through my reviews. Consequently I ain't too chatty anymore in forums, PMs or emails offering me massive sums of payola to give a favourable review.. (Ed: what is this boy on today??), and it's the rare ocassion where I am roused from me chair but here's one of them. Not only did Ciccie send me a PM but she also plastered a few mentions about her work in various forums so we'd all take a bit of notice. Normal way of going about things then yeah? Well, yeah but being the right surly sort I mentioned above, what am I now doing writing exactly that review?

Well, I had to listen, didn't I? Just in case, know what I mean?

The thing that really dinged my strings was that Ciccie is a Swedish artist and you know I have a soft spot for them. That persuaded me to pursue this and I'm real glad I did because the track I finally ended up with is exactly what I would have expected and then a tad more to seal the deal. The only real setback was that (as you can see from the title) it's all a bit Swedish, so I remain blissfully unaware of what the song is all about. There is a Henry Ford (carmaker, capitalist and industrial innovator, him wot makes cars) quote on the song lyrics page about attitude and I guess that applies to the track and it's content just as well because Allting är möjligt (can't keep on saying that, I'll dislocate me jaw) has mucho attitude.

The reason I like Swedish musicians is because they are all, to a man and woman, professional and accomplished - so much so that you have to ask yourself why they aren't signed. Well don't look at me to answer that because I've had a lifetime of that question and I'm still no wiser. It's a given then that (insert song title) is a slick, highly polished rock based track that'll knock your socks off if you know what you are talking about and will sound amazing to those who haven't a clue how music is made. This sounds like, and probably is, a professional studio production and sounds it in every way. Ciccie shows that she has the requisite vocal - how can I put this? - rock attitude to pull it off, in the process making this a track to savour whatever language it is couched in. Look for more from this artist, that's my advice.

Excellent pop rock, albeit in Swedish. Highly Recommended.

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