Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rude Corps feat Sir - Her Perception of Us

Hear The Track Here

A certain sheep bleated at me a while ago that I should listen to Sir and promptly laid a line on me (Ed: Surely that should say link?) to a track called When There's Just Me And You (March 2007) which said Sir was vocalising on. When There's Just You and Me turned out to be a veritable aural orgy delivered to your earballs with plenty of verbal vaseline supplied by said Sir. He turns out to be a hip hop rapper UK stylee and believe me I find nothing wrong with that at all. There is a grand tradition of this kind of sound in the UK and Sir - along with Rude Corps - are carrying that sound forward. That salacious slut (I refer to the aforementioned track) got a highly recommended from me for all its reckless ways, as well it should because I love the blend of poetry and rock from Linton Kwesi Johnson to John Cooper Clark. OK, before you all start climbing on my case about genre discretion and that Linton is reggae not rock, s'far as I'm concerned they are ALL beat poets of some description,

So nrrr.

Her Perception Of Us is a track - so I am informed - from Sir's upcoming album 'An Unrealistic Silhouette Of Dawn' and like the porn track (Ed: you have to stop doing that otherwise we'll get sued) the combination of Rudey's musical muscle and Sirs atonal, flat northern English delivery make this happen. I liked Just You and Me for the deft little touches that Rude Corps brought to the party and he's showing a lot of the same thing going on here. Yes, it's hip hop in nature but Rude Corps definitely take it into a slighly different direction from the usual tales of basic beats and riches n bitches... As I said when reviewing You and Me, this has a distinctly English feel to it that I find appealing but that's probably because I am English.

Americans may find this quaint, but a little difficult to understand; especially if your vocabularly doesn't stretch to more than three swearwords at a time. Compared to the sweat soaked torridness of the previous Sir track (Ed: ENOUGH already!!) Her Perception Of Us is but a gentle jaunt into the mind of Sir who is prepared to share with us his feelings about well, women really. Not that he has a one track mind or anything. Hey, I don't give a toss either way because it's the way he tells the tale, structurally held up by the sparse but effective backing track that mark them out. I can probably see that this may well be an acquired taste in the eyes of some people, but there's still enough here to be worthy of more than a second glance. Me, I look forward to the whole thing because this is one collaboration that definitely works for me.

Excellent UK Hip hop, with a twist.

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