Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Alchemystic - Silently

Hear The Track Here

It was exactly two years ago when I wrote 'smart blend of styles' while reviewing my very first Alchemystic track Sands Of Time (May 2005). In the time since then I have every reason to believe that what I wrote then has been proved time and time again with a string of tracks encompassing some of the very best electronica/alternative that Soundclick has to offer. Don't - obviously - take my word for it, check out any track and it will show you that here is a serious musician, despite only starting a few years ago. Also in the time he has been here, Alchemystic has moved from being an up and comer to a fully fledged Honcho Dude to a great many people on this site, earning himself a string of Must Haves from me including one already this year - Cerulean Skies (March 2007). Cerulean Skies is a world track worthy of the name, and I should know about that, shouldn't I?

Just to show us all that he is no one-trick pony, the ol' Alchy gives us a hefty dose of classical this time round - and I don't mean classically inspired - I mean classical as in start-stop lush strings; breathless pauses and instrument overhangs; the whole deal. Admittedly it isn't a fortnight long, in fact it weighs in at a very insubstantial two minutes forty nine but what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in quality and texture. Exactly what I have come to expect from this artist. While it is absolutely for sure certain that no-one can keep up a string of dynamite tracks like Cerulean Skies, Silently will do as a fill-in for those oh.mi.god moments.

As always the most impressive element of any Alchemystic track is the authority he seems to bring to the table, whatever the genre is that he is working in. The same holds true here, because Silently is a lovely string driven peice, fit to be used as the soundtrack in one of the BBC's famed bodice rippers. I can see it now 'Heathcliffe!', Cathy! 'Heathcliffe!!' Cathy!!. Damn, I should stop this train of thought I am making myself horny :D. Anyhow, now I've dragged my mind back out of the gutter, I have no hesitation in recommending yet another Alchemystic foray into yet another genre that is new to him... The only question remaining is how the fekk does he do it??

Beautiful Classical interlude. Highly Recommended.

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