Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lord Skye - To New Lands (Sailing)

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Lord Skye and his chosen genre (Games Soundtrack) has fared very well with me over the past year, despite my utter aborrence of the whole video games music thing usually. That is because he at least tries to bring something different to the party every time; some of which I've liked and some of which I haven't been so enthusiastic about but hey, that's the way it should be. See, the way I figure it is that if I can get something out of a track, someone somewhere will maybe think the same. Out of little acorns, an audience grows..

Speaking of always something different...

Last track I reviewed had a definite country tinge as well as its tongue firmly in its cheek; this time we are promised (and I quote) 'happy ship music' - and surprisingly enough that's exactly what you do get. How would I know happy ship music from a hole in the ground you may ask? Well, I have the experience, ya see; being of the boating persuasion. Actually, that's a bit too grandiose even for me. What I actually mean is that I played the pants off Sid Miers immaculate Pirates, and a couple of its imitators too and I know if I needed a soundtrack to a game like that, To New Lands (Sailing) would be well in the running.

While it ain't exactly my thing, there's no doubt that Lord Skye is progressing in leaps and bounds, and his confidence is showing in his music more and more. As I say, not my thing, but there is so much that I do like about the track that I have no hesitation about recommending it to you. Considering it weighs in at a puny, weakling time of two and a half minutes, it's a densely packed two and a half minutes that you will be unravelling for some time. Although I found the piano lead a bit too obtrusive the first few plays, it soon settled in properly. I loved the juxtaposition after a while, and it certainly added to that whole 'shipboard orchestra' effect. Certainly music of this type will be an acquired taste because of it's game-y nature, but Lord Skye pulls from enough other musical sources for it to be a worthwhile experience regardless of personal taste.

Yo ho ho and all that old bollocks. Recommended for boatheads and landlubbers alike.

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