Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sean Patrick - In The Midst of the Raging Storm CD

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Rebel Riffs review requests come in an amazing variety of styles, from every corner of the net world and it never ceases to amaze me how inventive so many people are. OK, so I admit that you do have to have a modicum of talent, a networking skill and a bit of experience in what works and what doesn't but making music (of whatever kind) is far easier today than ever before. Of course that can be a curse too, as we all too often find out because its about as hard to pin down what counts as music as ever. Take it from one who knows, experimental music can cover a multitude of sins. Consequently I have much more time for projects that are presented properly, musically and intellectually.

Sean Patrick manages that with this ten track album although, to be honest, it's a very American rock style that doesn't always sit well on this side of the pond. Before I get going on the 'differences between US and UK rock' dead end, let me say that - whatever my personal feelings - I'm going to give the material the chance it deserves. Sean sent me the album with instructions that it should be listened to 'of a piece'; in order. I generally do as a matter of course because to me one of the more arcane tasks in making albums is the right sequencing. After living with this collection of songs for a while, I have much respect for a) Sean as a musician and b) his musical and production team - all very professional.

Now maybe that's because Sean comes from the heart of the beast, Los Angeles and that is exactly what this album conjures up, slick, mannered and totally together. Musically, this is a really good collection of songs, and for this reviewer that is it's saving grace. See The Light and Calling For Rain are probably my favourites of the whole set but like Sean, I do recommend that you take a listen to the whole thing because it does work better that way. Mind you, it isn't until See The Light and the following tracks that the album takes off for me, but I'm sure that is a personal taste thing. Fact is, Sean Patrick has some very, very smooth moves musically whatever your preferences and In The Midst of the Raging Storm is a very classy album, especially if you like the sound of American rock.

Highly Recommended modern rock songs.


Anonymous said...

Steve,you sent Sean Patrick fan's to the wrong Sean Patrick page..Check out his myspace,com/seanpatrickbaldwin or check him out on jango

Good review.

Tom Evans

Steve Gilmore said...

Yes, I know Tom, corrected now...

Anonymous said...

Very good review and great album.The only poor song is In the Storm.