Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weylin's Slayer Orchestra - No Tomorrow

Hear The Track Here

You know ol' Weylin is a deceptive cove. Took me a while to get what he was saying but that's usually the way. Mind you, with a Goth image and metal(ish) material his music would be a shoo-in with me. Ahhhh, but that is before the P word enters already muddy waters (Ed: hope it had wellingtons....Good Grief!! I'm getting as bad as him) P as in Progressive chums, although yes it does look like a stick out tongue if you turn your head sideways (sigh) Flight Of Sideria (October 2010) was my first encounter and I wasn't getting it at all, but further tracks - usually the more rock oriented ones admittedly - managed to get through the hermetic seal I have between me and the P word.

Addiction (July 2010) has proved to be the highpoint so far and it showed that when Weylin's Slayer Orchestra are firing solidly, it's a very worthwhile experience. Of course, it's all a question of perspective and this stuff isn't aimed at me anyway, but a prejudice cannot be denied. Especially one as virulent as mine. Obviously Weylin takes not the blindest notice - as indeed he should - and does what he does whether I like it or not. That's the attitude that gives us those worthwhile moments. Like Addiction, No Tomorrow is almost instantly accessible, in a soundtrack oooh-listen-to-that way before kicking your head off once the main track gets under way.

As I've made painfully clear, soundtracks I don't get. Pieces of music that stand on their own two legs whatever their style I most definitely do get. So while No Tomorrow has much that says 'soundtrack', there is also a coherent, vibrant and wildly rocking piece of original music underpinning it. Yes, it's an instrumental but Weylin seems to have a knack at working intelligently with this tricky substance, making it enjoyable on and off screen (as it were). Having said all that, it really, really suits the progressive metal tag because it is progressive in the best possible way. Yeah, that's me saying that which should point up how different Weylin's Slayer Orchestra are...

Highly Recommended blend, a metal soundtrack.

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