Friday, September 23, 2011

Mike B Is for Byj - Look, Look, Look

Hear The Track Here

Although I haven't found anything to get really excited about with the previous two Mike B is for Byj tracks - Crybaby (April 2011) and Average Joe (June 2011) - I'm certainly impressed with this Canadian's knack of going about his business. Both songs are kind of pop rock of the melodic variety and show that the man has some chops even if the tracks haven't exactly set my ears on fire. Look, Look, Look on the other hand does that trick although even now I'm not sure how it pulls it off.

If you are stuck in that thicket of verbiage trying to figure out what it actually means, let me put you out of your misery. It's hard and heavy the way rock is supposed to be, but there is something in the instant impression that makes you go eh? Eh? (Ed: and all this is supposed to make sense, right?) Look, Look, Look uses a lot of classic rock tricks to get the musical point across but this is still a modern song, with a modern message and ultimately its that juggling trick that wins the most respect from me.

Technically this track has much in common with any 'home-produced' musician and kudos to Mike B for getting the sound that he does, especially on this track where the guitar sound is the aural equivalent of the Second World War. Not in terms of loudness mind, obviously that would never work. An incredibly heavy, chunky sound that has to be heard to be believed. Now whether this is something that occurred with the guitar/amp/room or it happened because of the way the track was put together, who knows - but it works.

Highly Recommended slab of rock

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