Sunday, September 25, 2011

333maxwell - I Found Your Music Box

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I've written so much about the skills of Chas Holman (aka 333maxwell) that I found myself unable to type just an ordinary three. These days, they are a bit like London buses, always come in threes. So what is it about our Max that I find so interesting? As a musician Chas has pretty much everyone beat, the man can drop a killer tune the way that the majority of us drop the odd bum note - ie constantly. The list of Must Haves for this very capable and adaptable (yes hateful too) is endless as well as being my Artist Of The Year 2009 where he scored nine Must Haves that year; in so many different genres it makes your head spin.

I know for a fact that at one point he was writing songs specifically for this monthly review list but not this time, this time we are going back into Max's no doubt chequered past to a track first released in 2009. God knows how I missed this one but Max is determined to foist another one on me and hey presto! All joking aside, 333maxwell is among my top three Soundclick favourites and a quick listen to I Found Your Music Box will show you exactly why I hold him in such high regard.

While I think I might quibble a tad at this track's classical rating (unless you counted classical guitar in that) I wouldn't touch a hair of the tunes head - a normal occurrence with this musician. Regular readers will know one of my favourites in the indie acoustic guitarist stakes is Christopher Martin Hansen (he of the 27 fingers) and you know what, Chas is chasing him on this track. Don't know about you but I ******* hate music boxes and their tinkly titillation's but I will put up with it for the sake of the simply beautiful guitar piece that follows. Chalk another one up for the man.

MUST HAVE classical (guitar)

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