Monday, September 19, 2011

Satellite 3 - Little Monsters

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It would appear that this economic number storm whirling around our lives is also affecting our corner of the world. Even Satellite 3 are no longer three, but two with the departure of guitarist Joey Saha. Meanwhile surviving members Justin Storie and Aaron Cook have come up with the first tune since the excellent Love Was Never Enough (June 2011). Although my initial impression of the band was a bit lukewarm, they have come on a treat since Apathy (June 2010) first alerted me to their presence. Having said that, there have also been niggles from me along the way about the style, which I guess is going to come down to personal taste anyway.

All along Satellite 3 have teased the listener with their 'they could be rockers' thing and I suspect it is the reason I haven't fully bonded with them (Ed: that sounds decidedly unpleasant anyway, they could probably do without it) To me, a truly great rock song (of whatever 'style') has to appeal internationally, across all borders, and to me Satellite 3's music has had too much of an American flavour. I find that certain American rock style sound great when you are there, but don't travel well. However, I think with Little Monsters, Satellite 3 have now laid that canard to rest.

I am a sucker for a good, well constructed song and Little Monsters does exactly what it says on the tin; it is a direct descendant of such fine creepy-crawlies as Boris The Spider or any number of other pop horrors. Lyrically, this is awesome as you are told 'I've only seen Jekyll, drink your potion, show me Mr. Hyde' and then 'What can I do to make you come unglued?' before loosing all the rock hounds of Hell on choruses that have arena rock anthems stamped through every note. 'Let me out, let me out. Screaming from the inside' indeed. They should issue a safety muzzle with this track because you look away... It'll bite your ass.

Very cool and Highly Recommended.

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