Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pidgeman - Until Right Now

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Seeing as it looks like we might have an Indian Summer here in the UK, Pidgeman's latest comes along at exactly the right time. Until Right Now is 'a summery feel good power pop song' according to the billing on Soundclick and if there is one thing I have learned about Pidgeman over the years, he means what he says. Maybe you have no idea what a Pidgeman is and maybe right now you are poised on the edge of flight, so I say calm down dear, Pidgeman is not a musician to be afraid of (and God knows there are enough of them). In fact as time passes, I have come to appreciate his work more and more.

Pidgeman's standard mode is rock, classic or otherwise and Until Right Now has more to do with pop rock of the 1960's and 1970's. In fact the beginning reminded me really strongly of Friday On My Mind, and if you remember that track you are probably as senile as me. Admittedly it also sounds like some of the not-so-good tracks associated with these genres during pop music's toddler phase. This I would put down to the production which, although solidly recorded and mixed, still has a tendency to that home produced sound.

As usual it as a complete song that Until Right Now scores, it IS one of those melody lines that get right under your skin before you know, and I just didn't realise that until right now (see?). It has a arena woahhh woooaaah wooooaahh thing too that will go down a treat wherever football and frolics are concerned and shows that Pidgeman still knows how to deliver a solid rock performance - every time. So, hand on heart, this isn't exactly what I would reach for when I needed a break but that's a stylistic thing and Pidgeman has no control over that.

Highly Recommended for the ol' karaoke...

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