Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fear 2 Stop - My Secret Wish

Hear The Track Here

First Soundclick artist up this month (yeah finally), and that's a sudden break from this blogs norm, it's only fitting that the spot should be occupied by one of the very first Soundclick groups I came across back in 2003. Fear 2 Stop are probably the most reviewed (by me) Soundclick artists of all time, a three piece experimental outfit from Houston,Texas who have achieved a kind of notoriety with their often perverse musical style. No madam, I said p-e-r-v-e-r-s-e not pervert, and that latex outfit looks absolutely dreadful on you (Ed: pssstt Gilmore, you are treading on dangerous ground, on...on!!) For me, and a great many other long term residents, Fear 2 Stop have definitely become an acquired taste. For sure, they are one of the most contentious groups around, not yer average easy listening...

My Secret Wish dates back to when I first met them, having first been composed in 2002, this being a re-mastered and fixed up all snazzy version (the original being recorded on something ancient called 'cassette tape' whatever that is). Interestingly enough, this is a track that could have come from any number of the years they have been around, except for a certain formulaic feel to the drum track. Much more telling, however, is the quite astonishing fact that My Secret Wish could even be called a 'proper tune'. Now there's a ******* thing, who'da thunk it?

See the reputation that Fear 2 Stop have painstakingly built up over the years has been for aural versions of chaos, dissonance and ear-blistering chunks of pure noise, you really don't expect anything nice from them. Actually the track is really quite good, although sounding somewhat dated, still retaining a certain familiarity to people who know the band. For sure, if you have never heard of them before, I swear before all the Gods of Rock, try this because it's certainly the safest track I've ever heard from them.

Highly Recommended minimal electronica.

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