Friday, September 30, 2011

Agent Whiskers - Abstract Forms of Solace CD

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I am proud to say that I have reviewed music now from pretty much everywhere, although the US, UK and Europe are the biggest sources of that, I have received music requests from all continents. Not that many from Saudi Arabia mind, but Agent Whiskers is here to put it right 'finding it difficult to promote my music given the social climate' so come on, let's give it a go... The first real snag is that it's billed as a 'calming electronic/experimental experience' and that's a phrase I have come to dread over the years.

Still, give the man a chance eh?

I'm glad that I did because while it has it's 'calming' moments the eight tracks that make up Abstract Forms of Solace are classy and adventurous and that's something to be valued. To me there are two types of electronica at the moment; hip hop beats with electronica used as filler and electronica where sounds are generated/created with electronics to make music that is sharp, coherent and - above all - intelligent. **** all that four-to-the-floor I say, give us something to chew on. Thankfully, Agent Whiskers is up to that task too because by the time Interstellar Serenity (track two) snapped me up I was hooked anyway. To me though, this is one of the highlights of this very good collection of electronica instrumentals.

OK, so you'd have to like the whole electronica thing for starters, but plenty of people do and that's a fact. The work Agent Whiskers has put into these tracks (playing/recording and producing) is evident in each of the tracks because each has it's own slant and feel. Here is yet another album that should really be listened to in sequence (track 1,2 etc) for it to make the best impression. Taken as a whole like that, the whole project gains more cohesion, each of the tracks flowing easily into the next. While he might be struggling in his own country for acceptance, I think he'll find a real welcome for those people who like well made music for adults.

Very Highly Recommended Electronica and then some.

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