Wednesday, September 28, 2011

C Anthony Goggin - A Hundred Highways All Lead Home

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Having been reviewing now for some considerable time I am firmly of the opinion that there are only two types of music out there, good and bad. The increasingly insipid commercial field doesn't even count. Over those years I have heard everything, thanks to my come one, come all suicidal gestures, and I must admit large chunks of it has been very good indeed. The musical standard is, however, a lot higher than it was when I was first getting started and it takes a fine talent to shine through the HUGE numbers of fellow musicians jostling for the limelight. I've always found that the only sure way to get recognition is originality, freshness and that generally comes over time. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Now read on...

I first met Cody Goggin when I reviewed Snow (February 2011) in which, to be honest, I was not impressed. About as 'demo' as it got with an almost whispered vocal that did nothing to help the situation. More to the point, it was recorded (I use the terms loosely) in one shaky take and then slapped online. You know, of course, that would make me see red, and I'm sure Cody must have felt the sting. This lacklustre approach did turn around somewhat in subsequent tracks, and now A Hundred Highways All Lead Home is the fifth track of his to attract my ears, although not necessarily in a good way.

When all is said and done, Cody is a folkie in all but style (his songs tend to be rock based) but that's a difficult trick to pull off when all you have is a guitar, a voice and bags of enthusiasm. The good news is that the hesitant, whispery vocals that marred those first few tracks is definitely a thing of the past because this is a track that actually does show how a fine song should be treated. In retrospect, Cody has come a long way from that early start, gaining in confidence with each new track, and that's as it should be. This track is confirmation of his determination to get it right and I for one applaud it.

Recommended singer/songwriter.

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