Friday, September 30, 2011

Ludicrous - Streets

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Last review out of the Soundclick bag this month is Ludicrous. That's the band's name btw, not the situation because Ludicrous's's's's's music is anything but ludicrous. In the space of three tracks - The Real World (June 2011), Dead Woman (July 2011) and Everywhere (August 2011) - Ludicrous have shown they are a group worth keeping an eye on, if not actively seeking them out. All three tracks scored with me because of two factors overall, the songs were well made and performed and they had a great vocalist of the Bjork school but with a lot more warmth.

Streets is an odd beast though, certainly had to arm-wrestle it for a bit before I finally came to see the whole picture so out of all of their tracks, this is probably the hardest one to get close to, so give it time. As I mentioned in my review of Everywhere, Ludicrous write songs that are 'clever, subtle but in no way experimental. Well this track ****s all over that theory because it's experimentalism was what made it harder for me to get a good grip on it. Mind you, it's there for a reason and I see that now, but ya know, first impressions and all that...

Soundclick labelling continues to amuse and entertain me because Streets is billed as 'Alternative : Dance-Punk' and you know what, it actually fits. It also rocks the house in a very punk way. Those Bjork overtones that coloured past tracks has been transmuted through Siouxsie Sioux this time around and to just as good effect. What takes the cake though is the overall production which seems to borrow reggae's bass heavy bottom, marrying it to an electro version of punk that really threw me. It's also the quality that finally won me over to this excellent lively trample through as many genres as possible (presumably wearing Doc Martins, naturally).

Highly Recommended Punk Pop with a brain.

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