Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Whitman Speck - Paranoid

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You know those questions you have to fill in for your Soundclick profiles? I always read the one that says 'Would you sign a record contract with a major label?' because the comments are often hilarious. Whitman Speck, on the other hand, says 'Motherf***ers won't sign me, they too scared' and you know what, I think this is the first time in many, many years when I have felt some support for conventional music business. On the one hand I absolutely love Whitman's acidic wit, although it is generally directed at women or people he wants to dismember, on the other hand I do recognise what a very, very tough sell that would be.

Put it like this, entering his Soundclick music page you are hit by a thicket of Parental Advisory notices, all richly deserved because Whitman Speck is one hardcore rapper who never, EVER pulls his punches. So if anyone around needs to be feeling paranoid, it's us right? Shhhh, quiet now, here he comes... What saves Whitman from a whop uspide the head and a short sharp dose of boot camp is that, damn it, the man knows how to put a track together; always killer choruses and beats to go along with the violence mayhem and blatant misogyny.

Whitman Speck definitely rates the hardcore label attached to his brand of hip hop but, to my mind, he is one of the UK's better exponents of the breed. Ever since Suburban Hell (September 2011) this rapper has been building his own folder on my hard drive, despite it being the aural equivalent of some sadist's idea of a horror movie. The hooks in Paranoid are amazing, and probably something that is recognisable to someone out there who will recognise it, but I'm an old fart I'm supposed to forget stuff. Whenever I review this guys I spend a couple of days looking over my shoulder - just in case. Maybe I'm paranoid.

MUST HAVE horrorcore.

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