Friday, September 30, 2011

Cam's Even Song - Heart Of Things

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I've known Cameron Bastedo (aka Cam's Even Song) almost as long as I've been on Soundclick and although it took me a while to really get what he was doing, I hope I corrected that somewhat when I made him my Artist Of The Year 2006. Even weighed down by that gaudy (and no doubt grubby) trophy, Cam has motored serenely on, landing great track after great track and all stamped with his inimitable style and personality. But wait, (sniff sniff) do I detect changes afoot in the Cam camp? For example, the last time we saw the light, cheerful and playful Cam was with So Faye Wray (May 2011), but First Sign Of Spring was classically inspired and quite unlike the Cam we know.

Then came Light Unapproachable (August 2011) where - like this track - the Christian message is literally right in your face. I have to say that for years and years I avoided any exposure to this form, due to some bad experiences in my sordid past no doubt. Whatever, Christian music did nothing for me, simply because I didn't let it. I believe a persons faith and beliefs are up to them, whatever my own thoughts on the matter. I just don't like people trying to ram their opinions (religeous or otherwise) down my throat. I thank Cam and a couple of other notable Soundclick Christian Rock musicians for showing that it can be done sensibly, with tact - and no little skill. There again, being a Soundclick veteran all these years does teach you a skill or two, and Cam has taken to them like a duck to err....errr...


In some ways Light Unapproachable softened me up for Heart Of Things and where I felt obliged to print the lyrics of the former, I think you get the picture by now. So why would you want to listen to a sermon, do you ask? Well, to be hugely entertained for starters because there is still no doubting that Cam's Even Song is one of the most inventive (and fun) songwriters around - on any website. What he has done with these two tracks is to harness his natural ability to tell a tale and make it an aural and lyrical pleasure and - whatever you think about the subject matter - Cam's Even Song always deliver that, and always has. That, my boggled friends, is what truly defines AOTY status.

MUST HAVE Christian rock (yes, I know...)

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