Tuesday, January 24, 2012

N Talekt - In My Loving Memory CD

Hear The Track Here

Although he's been around on Soundclick since 2004, my first encounter with this Virginia based rapper was not very positive. In my review of I Got U (February 2006) I wrote 'where all his mates may well be telling N Talekt he is the ****, that isn't the conclusion I came to' and ended it with 'judging by this example there is some way to go before he is the ****.' Harsh maybe, but just calling them as I see them. In the almost four years since that track N Talekt has upped his game considerably and even more so with this album, of which I have already reviewed Feelin' Good (October 2011), So Gone Feat Anna (November 2011) and Don't Cry For Me (December 2011) with the first two tracks coming into my list of Tracks Of The Year 2011 in the year end reviews thread. Not bad going considering how things looked at the beginning.

Moreover he is one of the only hip hop artists featured last year (only being joined by Rustik and Gangbangsters) whereas 2010 was definitely a hip hop year for me. Anyways, those first three tracks from the In My Loving Memory project were enough to pique my interest so when N Talekt offered me a chance to review the whole thing, how could I refuse. Of course it does mean that the amount of large scale CD's I am reviewing this month is completely out of hand but hey, what else is new nu?? In My Loving Memory is a fourteen song project so let's start with the first unheard one, track one: The Rain (Prelude). The same attention to sound detail that singled out the tracks I have already reviewed is evident on all the tracks of this CD so it is definitely worth letting you know that the series of beats came from Anno Domini, Flawless Tracks, Sho-Down/Rock It Productions and Life and Death Productions among others so musically, this is definitely the best selection I have heard from this rapper.

This, to me, is where most indie rappers come unstuck; they think it is all about the rap. Of course it is, but not to the exclusion of a wicked backing track which - for my money - enlivens the proceedings enormously. N Talekt has suffered from this in the past but no more because every track on this CD shows that this is the one area where N Talekt has improved beyond measure. I have found, in the years I have been reviewing internet only indie rappers - particularly on Soundclick - that it really is down to personal taste. Although N Talekt is often a bit softer musically than I am used to, lyrically he's cooking with gas (and posted online!) and it's that quantity that I like; take a listen to Never See It Coming (awesome) and Empty The Clip to catch up on a very happening indie rapper. Starting 2012 with an album this good is a fine move and I expect that N Talekt is going to build on this during this year, so get with the man and see what decent indie hip hop can do. Not a dud in all fourteen tracks, that says it better than I ever could.

Highly Recommended and MUST HAVE for fans.

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